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Most think in order to receive something from God that God comes down to where we are in order for Him to do a work.

When was the last time you felt the spirit of the Lord? What was it that you believed that you were doing in order for His presence to be about you?

So many times I feel that people believe that God passes out miracles to just a choice few and if God choose to be in the midst of certain ones then they may receive a touch from God.


The deception many have is thinking him or her self to be greater than others , thinking that God only uses a few hand full of chosen ones but this is far from being the truth.


When Jesus told us, the works that I do shall you do also,and greater works than these shall you do. He was telling us we have been granted power not just a little power but greater power.Read St. John 14:12

The power of God to believe that all things are possible with them that believes. To believe one is able to take back the ground that has been stolen.

Power given  from God that He has granted each of us that believe to be healed and to not doubt for one minute that it is obtainable.

Knowing that all praises and honor goes to the Lord and rising up into a place the Lord has prepared for those that do believe.

One of the problems that has been in the past is after one obtains such signs of power many have forgotten to give the Lord all credit for the blessings of the Lord and have gotten off into humanism, getting a puffed up spirit and taking glory from the Lord. This is when they will fall on their face for the Lord will not tolerate one taking the glory from Him.


But there is a spirit of pride that works in man and unless he stays humble the spirit of pride will take him or her over.

The carnal man must first get over ones self, as the word says, not to think him self more highly than he ought too. Read Romans 12:3

Invariable this is an issue that has to be addressed with a believer in order for them to grow in the Lord and not to grow in ones self.

Fact is man has real problems thinking after God does something great in their life, that they are better than others and have been chosen to be above others, as the scriptures say, a haughty spirit before a fall.Read Proverbs 16:18

So in order to become powered up in God one has got to keep the old man  in check and to always recognize that what ever power or glory working of miracles are taking place in the midst of the people, it’s all got to do with God and God alone.


One must come to the place in their walk with God, if all God has for them to do is follow the Lord into desert then that is all they desire.

Man has been so vain into to thinking that the working of miracles has something to do with them or how much they pray or have seen and known in God.

We would see the manifestation o f the Lord in a far great way and could see the working of the Lord if man would get this in his head, that it is not about the man, but it is about God and that God is the one doing.

Man has wasted a lot of time trying to gain a following when in fact what needs to be done is to follow the Lord and seek His will.

So in order to rise up, one has got to drop off their vain spirit and the spirit of being puffed up and rise up into the Lord where He gets all glory and praise.

Yes, I know I seem to be repeating myself but I will keep doing so until this gets in people heads and does not just go in one ear and out the other.


Talk about stopping up the blessings of the Lord then start talking about yourself and see where that attitude will take you; it will only take you to a place of the works of the flesh

How many times have you seen those that thought their self to be more special than other walk in a room and the spirit they manifest is people better recognize me, almost as if they believe they are to be lifted up and not lifting up God?

People better get a clue as to what spirit that is and do away with it.

For there is a deceiving spirit and wants to deceive many and will if the people do not raise up a standard against such hirelings that come is as sheep but inside are as wolves.

Man will not get the glory, for God is the glory.

What a wonderful revelation and the sooner man gets out of the way the sooner we are going to see the manifestation of God in full power.

Praises and honor goes to the Lord.


Sonja 1/18/07

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