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A question that in on my mind is what examples does one have to go by when sent out on an assignment?

I will get to that as far as scriptures after I first address a few other points of views.

One of the first things one is going to have to do is eliminate the misunderstanding that everything will be perfect when one has reached the designated place of assignment

One is going to have to realize that there will be no marching band, no welcoming committee to greet you; no bells will be ringing upon your arrival.

If by chance this does take place I would suggest that you be very careful as to what motivation those that have decided to put on such a show for. It’s more than likely to learn more about your personal life and to gain evidence to be used at a later date. So be careful little one.

Soon you may find yourself going unnoticed and ignored by some, this only comes from those that are jealous of the work God has assigned you too.

At this point I must warn you this is a crucial time in your life. If you are looking for approval and recognition there are hard times ahead of you. For if in fact you have not settle in your heart that whatever the Lord has for you to do, you must be willing to go through rejection and denial, then there are some things that are going to have to come out of you. There is much work to be done starting with you.

When sent out on an assignment you just as well expert resentment by those that feel they should be the ones doing such a work.

 I find it strange that those that God calls to do a work have a hard time accepting such a position yet those that are not called to do the work seem to run towards the limelight Yet I know why God has called those that feel unworthy or unqualified to do such a great work. For they know that they are unable to do anything without the help of God. And those that feel they can take the work and do much better, its plain vanity has a rule in their life, and they are all about their self

Pretty blunt I know but one is going to have to stop living in a bubble and not expect things to just fall into place when you are sent out. You need to be prepared for all that you are about to confront Picking up and running off will only cause you a set back and you may find yourself in a desert place until you seek the Lord and what He would have you do. So the very first thing on the agenda is to seek God with all of your heart and know His will for you and the work that is ahead of you. Seek His wisdom and directions first before you make a move.

God is not in a hurry the question is are you? If so the very best advice I can give you is be still and know God. Don’t go running off thinking everything will just happen. This is a misconception of many.

Just because you have seen visions and you feel powerful and ready to get out there and do a work for the Lord does not mean that you are by any means ready. You must go through preparation first. This advice I am giving you will save you much pain and resentment at a later date in life.

Something you must also know is when you leave point A to go to point B you will be taking your baggage with you by that I am not talking about your clothes and such. The things that you had to confront on a daily bases are still going to be there. These things do not just go away just because you are sent on an assignment. If you have family problems you are going to be taking them with you. If you have financial problems you will be taking them with you also. The more excess weights that you take are going to become even far greater, due to the fact that you did not seek God as to help take these things and place them in His hands. So it could even become more of a burdened to you for now you not only have your problems but you are going to be taking on an assignment that you did not allow time for God to prepare you for.


Now as far as an example in the Bible for you to read, there are many places in the Bible that you can turn to and read as to those that God had placed a work to do and what happened to them in the process. I think Josephs is a good place to start Genesis the 37th chapter. He was a dreamer and had visions of the things that were going to be and happen. He told of all that he had seen and lets just see what happened to him while doing so. His own brothers tried to do away with him and they sold him to be a slave. Now does that sound like things falling into place for him? Oh he had a great assignment in the future for his life but not without many sufferings.

Lets take the place in the Bible that tells the story of the man of God and the work that he was sent out to do and was only given instructions to not eat or drink nor to turn again to go back the way he came.1 Kings 13th chapter. There were great signs and wonders that were taking place in his life yet his problem was he did not listen to the orders God had given him. So along came an old prophet that told him a lie to deceive him out of jealously he did this to the man of God. (Oh yes it is true even the prophet told lies so he was not by any means to be trusted just because he was a prophet). The man of God lost his life out of disobedience, this tells one that disobedience is nothing to play with. This also tells one to not trust anyone but the Lord when it comes to the work of the Lord.

This also goes to show that many are not to be trusted, for out of jealousy some will not even care if your life is at stake. They will lie, cheat, and steal, to take over the work of God. How sad is that? I know what you may be thinking, but God has laid this on my heart to share with you this message so that you may be aware of the things that could take place.

I could tell you more like how about the way Paul had to be lowered down the wall in a basket because the people just did not believe he was of God. He had to be proven that he was due to the fact of his life style he had lived before Jesus met up with him.

The most important story is the story of Jesus Christ when He was here on this earth, do you know that it was the religious people that crucified Him and they doubting the wonderful works that was done through Him.

You need to know who your friends really are and what they are about. Just because they say they are your friends do not make it so.

This message is to not make you fear doing a work for the Lord but this message is to try and prepare you for some of the things that you may face in the future. It is to simply say to you know Gods will and to listen to the voice of the Lord and Him only.

And of course I know that this message is not for all but there are going to be some of you that read this you are going to need the knowledge and you will need to trust in God with your whole heart.

Wait upon the Lord and know the right timing as to when to step out into the great field and harvest of God. Study His word and know the plan.

I pray that God be with you and that you keep you eyes upon the Lord while bring the message to the lost, that they may hear the message of Jesus Christ and how He loves all mankind.

Be blessed



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