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Upon reading and listening to all the news that is going on in the World today. It makes one truly wonder what is happening and why is this taking place.

Some people seem to be carrying on as normal as if nothing is a threat to their safety. Selling, buying, carrying on a daily routine.

While others are walking around as if they were bandits, with a mask on they’re faces trying to prevent the contact of any germs.

You hear of wars and rumors of wars. You hear of violence across the globe. You hear of diseases that could possibly take out many people.

People this is not a normal time. It is not a normal thing to be filled with such fear. So what are the end results of this entire calamity? What are people suppose to do? Fact; God is our only hope;  our only place of safety.

Many are sitting glued to the TV and watching and waiting to hear of reports of the up coming calamities and doom is hanging over the heads of the people in the World.

Food shortages are a sure thing that will take place and the need to find a place of safety is on many people’s minds. People just want to feel safe, want to protect their families’ from the crazy things that are taking place.

Here in America, it is not even safe to drive down certain streets in some cities for fear of criminals jumping out at them and taking their processions, as well as the possibility of being killed just because of the out of control World that we are living in today.

It is appearing that no one is safe and no place is safe. Schools are no longer a place of learning only; it has become a place of trying to survive the bullies that are walking the halls of our schools.

In some cases it is not even considered a place of safety inside the church building. It has gotten to where it is not wise to leave the doors wide open without a guard standing at the doors.

Prayer has been taken out of our schools and the Bible is not to be mention. Those that are believers are treated as if they are some sorts of freak.

Oh, but we are living in the land of the free, where the people are given freedom of choice.

Yes, we have the given right to decide what we want to be, or believe in this is true. But my question is where does common sense fall into place?

If what we are now trying to promote as far as the freedom to make improper choices is causing nothing but harm and chaos, then why doesn’t the people wake up and realize just where this is all taking us?

I write this message to try and reach the believers of God, I plead with each of you to pray, pray more now than ever before, the World is shaking and the people are filled with fear and are not saved.

What’s it going to take for the believers to get on their knees and pray, as they need to be doing? Why is it such a lazy spirit has taking over so many of the believers?

The believers better get up off their seat of do nothing and stop all this fighting over doctrines get over the petty things they have been bickering over ever since I can remember and get a serious mind towards God and begin to seek God.

This that has been taking place is not only for the unbelievers to sit up and take notice of the calamities that are going on right but this is a wake up call for the dormant, dry, do nothing people that are professing faith.

Laying blame on the World is not what God is going to accept coming out of the believers mouths. He is going to hold the believers accountable for all that they just sit back and allowed to take place.

So where is the blame going to fall? Who has the hidden sins in the camp? Why is the World rocking a shaking right now?

Oh, I know I have heard many make the statement that it is because of the sinner people who refuse to serve God. Right?

Where this is all going to go is written in the Bible, if you care to read it. Read it is the book of Revelations.

If you can take time out of your so-called busy self and read what the Bible tells us that is going to take place then you would know some the answers.

Church; it is truly a harvests time, and we should be busy about our Fathers work.

          This is a time the believers of God are to be busy reaching out to the lost and praying more now than ever before, this is truly a time that PEOPLE NEED THE LORD!


Sonja 4/26/2009

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