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The last day ministries and army that God is raising up have been going through much preparation.

Where once there were people as well as things that you could depend upon suddenly turned and are no longer stable.
The test and the training have been drilling, and at times very painful.

Times you may have wondered why you have had to suffer and have wondered why Lord you are going through these things.
Some have suffered precaution within the ranks of the army of God and have asked why this has had to be.

There has even been a time you may have wondered if your position was where you are to be; that possibly you have missed God somewhere along the way.

Many lonely places you have found yourself to be, there has not been the financial stableness, nor have you been able to turn to anyone for help. Your only help has been running into the secret place of the, most high God.

The battles you have had to face have been doubt, fear, and depression, deep within your soul and your prayers have been as if they were bouncing up against the wall, as if no one has heard a thing you have said.

So what is it that has been going on within the ranks of the army of God?

What has been going on is, what might even be called growing pains, growing out of being like a child and reacting as a child such things that you once seem to have gotten away with you are no longer able to be or to act in such a manner.

The Lord has been raising his army up into a place of maturity, coming to the place as Paul has said; none of these things can separate me from the love of God. He also said none of these things shall move me. The army of God that is being raised up will not be moved, they shall be like a tree planted by the waters. Shall become stable and rooted in God.

In order to be a true solider for the Lord, carnal emotions will no longer be something that controls you. You will no longer be permitted to do as you once did and the reason why, you must be ready to face a far greater battle out there in the fields, greater than what you have been dealing with in your self.

The warfare will not be a carnal warfare such as you having to grow up, but the warfare that you as a solider of God working in the fields the battles are going to be spiritual battles and you are going to have to know who you are in God.

You will no longer be able to run to someone for comfort, nor allow your carnal mind to lead you around; you are going to have to put on the mind of Christ.

The test, the trails, the suffering of ones flesh that the children of God have been going though is to prepare and toughen them up. Prepared and ready to do battle, to win the lost souls for God, souls that the enemy has had such a strong hold onto.

There will be no place for discouragement for winning souls for Christ will be encouraging.

The children of God will need Gods power and be lead by His spirit and they are going to have to be ready at all times there will be no down times such as yielding to carnal emotions, the only emotion you will have will be for the lost souls. Your motivations will be compassion for the lost the hurting and the dying.

No room for depressions, fear, doubt, no childish action will be able to work any loner in the army of God.

The Lord has been getting a people in condition to go out into the fields for this last day ministry, for the harvest truly is ripe and the souls are many to bring into the Kingdom of God.

2 Peter 1:10 give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do theses things, ye shall not fall.

Read Ephesians 6:10-33 this is telling us about putting on the whole armor of God.

Salvation for all is the call.

Sonja 2008

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