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Surrender all to God




I think it is time to expose and uncover to the Lord what has been going on with so many, to tell the truth... Far to long what has been going on is not taking everything to the Lord Like the song goes take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there.

What am I talking about? Well, for one thing we talk just the way we know we should; we speak about it and think on it. We are so busy telling others as well as telling ourselves, tossing things around some what like a juggler and feel as if this is how to get results or an answer.

I have found only by the Lord revealing this to me just how to get the keys to a possible breakthrough, surrendering all to God.

I will share with you some of what has been going on with me and I know there are many others having the same thing going on.

First of all I had to come to the place that I truly admitted that I needed help. I had to stop pretending everything was alright, stop acting as if there were no needs in my life.

I had to stop trying to fool my self that I had reach a level that I could do anything.

What I am saying is the focuses had to be taken off of what I thought and stop thinking on me start believing it’s going to take God to get me through whatever I have to face.

I have head people run David down when he came to the place he was concerned about the snares and traps that were set before him.

It was not until David stop talking about his enemies and the traps that were set for him that he came to the place of speaking of just how great God was and how mighty God was and how much he truly needed God’s help, that he actually got help

David had won many great battles and was well known for those battles. But David came to a place called “surrender”. You see David had never come to that place called “surrender” for he had always been a winner; he was always a mighty warrior. So why, did this take place and what was really going on in David’s life?

David had to come to the place of crying, I mean crying out to the Lord. He came to the place he could not take anymore or do anything about it. All his warrior knowledge was not going to get him lifted up out of where he was. It was going to take God and oh, how he knew who to turn to.

David did not go to running after people; he went running after God is why God called him “a man after His own heart”

David’s soul was going to have to be turned over to the soul saver, the only one that could save him and lift him up higher, was God the Father. The mighty warrior had to be brought down to the place of becoming as a little child crying out to God. This friend, is where God is taking us to, a place of” surrender” not giving up but giving into Him, the great I am. Wow, and praise the Lord! Unto Him I can’t think of a better place to run to or be lead to, than God! 

Take Job he had to come to the same place, here he had acquired much and had many material things he had piled up yet, where did Job end up? On a pile of ashes with sores on his body and had only left the so –called comforters and his wife, a wife that told him to curse God and die. Now that’s an awful place to end up but God had a plan for Job. He was breaking him down to a place of “surrendering” to a higher power and of course that was God Jehovah God at that.

Truly it comes to the place that each of us have got to be broken and “surrender” to God. It is not about the acquired knowledge we have obtained. No, it is not even about the miles we have traveled or the battles we have won. It is coming to the place of becoming as a little child and crying to Father for help for without His help we are truly helpless.

To many acting as if everything is alright when it fact, if the people don’t cry out to God they will not make it. Many are acting as if they are as high as God, lifting self right up there on His throne.

Call out to Him; tell Him what is really taking place in life. Tell God; even tell Him just how bad things appear to be. Then He will come to rescue, He will deliver, and He will shine through just for you. “Surrender” to God not to the enemy, problems, or troubles, but to God

If you got a big ole problem, call out to a great big God, if you have more than you can take, cry out to God. If there is a storm headed your way or in the midst of a storm and no place to run to, cry out to the one that controls and has created the heavens and the earth Yes, He has given promise and they are more real than anything on this earth but if the promises given have not been obtained stop acting as if they have already been achieved. He wants you to turn it all over to Him and claim your promise but to know it is going to take Him to achieve them.

The carnal mind and the enemy wants to dwell on how big problems could be, to keep you down under things. This is an on going thing with many that feel if they admit this is going possibly have lost faith but that is the real deception. Just tell God what is really going on. Does he already know? Yes, but He is waiting on you to call out to Him and tell Him so He can and will come to your aide.

No high horses, just keep on course to God lifting up. Be real, be open, and be honest with God. Stop acting as if you have made it through, when you know it‘s only with God’s help.

He’s waiting for you to come to the point you know you truly need His help. Praise the Lord God!

I tell you this is an amazing understanding that has come from God. He is the greatest!


God bless, Sonja Arnold



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