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(For the love of God)


By Sonja Arnold


Faithful over a few things



I am writing this is hopes it will clear up some things that many struggle with and are uncertain of what one is to be busy doing for the Kingdom of God.

What came to me clearly was, be faithful over a few things, after this coming to mind I thought on this and I ask what this actually means and what I am to be doing for the Lord.

In reading St. Matthew 25 it becomes very clear as to what the Lord is referring to for each of us to be doing. In this passage of scripture it explains what the people of God are to do.

The problem with many is desiring to become great and well known for the works of the Lord and here it tells us that unless we care for those that are in need we are in for a rude awaking. By skimming over what the Lord informed each of us to be busy about.

Upon speaking of the talents is not only about money as many believe it to be, if you read on as the Lord make the statement about feeding, clothing , visiting those sick or in prison, helping a stranger that by us doing so we have done so to Him.

So can’t get by with dropping a coin in the offering plate, for the Lord has required us to be caring for those that have need and by no means think just because there are those that are having to struggle makes anyone any better than .

So now let’s get into this a little more, what does it mean faithful over a few things? This is a very vital thing that the people of God need to receive and to understand.

I have found a great peace in knowing each and everything I do to become a help in any way I find contentment in doing. By working on the faithfulness of a few things has taken a great pressure off of my life. It is incredible realization knowing I am pleasing the Lord by doing all the few things He ask of me to be faithful in doing.

It is just wonderful to know this and to be able to work on helping all that may need help or just being a friend to those that need a friend. This is being like Jesus my friends, and I would not want it any other way than to know I am pleasing the Lord and that He is pleased with me.

All that went on in my life, I truly found what the work of the Lord entails and involves. It is becoming as the Lord by reaching out be on my needs and helping others during the time of my own need, to truly forget about me. After all I was sort of sick of myself at that time, to focus on others was the very thing that was and is needed in the people. What a beautiful lesson that was the Lord taught me.

People truly need to get their minds off of becoming great and start working where the real needs are. People need to get over their self in to thinking they are far greater than anyone.

Each and every day there is a work to be busy about, what are some of the things that are required of us? Being there for those around you and becoming a support to each and everyone, no matter what the need might be or whom it may be as well as what life style they may be living.

This is not at all up to the people of God to be separating anybody or cast aside. How dare anyone thinking them to be better than anyone else.

If this is going on, this is not at all the work of the Lord and this is something very few seem to realize that the Lord has made it clear, we are not the judge. He is the only one that has that powers by no means are we given such a position.

So now that is out of the way, what could it be the Lord is asking for His people to be by being faithful over a few things?

All around is a work to be done, it does not matter how small it may appear to be and it sure does not matter if anyone is being recognized as to the work one is doing.

I have found it to be important to be there for my family and to be a support to each of them and show the right spirit that only God gives me. Whatever it may be

If it’s just being there to take someone somewhere or to pick them up this is important to them and so it is important to the Lord. If there is something needing done then do it. Stop complaining about having to be there for others, do you not know that is just what the Lord is talking about doing and this is the work of the Lord.

If I am on call all hours of the day and or night whenever someone just needs to talk or to ask for prayer, can we not see just how vital that is to the one needing guidance and or comfort?

I have no problem at all with people needing prayer; if I do then I truly need to ask God to work on why I am being selfish and or what is working in me to be acting in such away.

I had to learn this the hard way and here is how the Lord made it so clear to me how important being there is, I went through some testing time, who was I able to trust and to call. So what I did was ask the Lord what you are teaching me in this mess I am in, and of course He made it clear, BE THERE FOR ALL MY PEOPLE! He allowed me to know how it feels to not have anyone to help or guide me or even pray for me.

Soon after I was suffering from brokenness and just did not know what to do to find a way out of the pit I had found myself in, I was told of a pastor that was such a caring person and he was a compassion soul. I decided to attend one of his meetings, I can tell you this I felt it was a Devine order from the Lord for me to meet Pastor Dabney and his church.

As I walked in the church I felt a comforter that I had somehow lost over the events that had taken place in my life.

What he did was show me a love that only comes from God and I was not there to go and preach for preaching was not what I needed. What I needed was healing of a broken heart and that is just what the Lord had planned for me.

Each time I attended the meetings I was asked to go in the counseling room and pray with people and counsel with them,

As I sit there listening to them and then praying for them I soon realized what the Lord was doing through this wonderful pastor. The Lord was healing me as I was reaching out to others and helping them right in the very midst of my own problems.

Something I will always remember that he told me was,” Sister Arnold, people just do not understand love”. I knew just what he was referring to. And he also told me “wherever I go know that, I have a pastor and that he was my pastor”.

You have no idea just what that meant to me and what the processing of counseling with others with problems help me to a healing. This might be considered faithful over a few things and to me it was great things in the Lord, as well as God doing a tremendous work with in my brokenness and how the Lord healed me during that time.

I shall never forget how God used those wonderful people to help me, as well and the work he did in those I was praying with.

Something I realized while going though this processing in my life , as I was faithful over the few things that were given to me, what took place was this wonderful understanding, I was being made ruler over the things that had be down and discouraged . So true it was, as I was faithful in the few things God made me to rule over what was taking me down, God gave me the power to overcome. Praise the Lord for this understanding! Did you get that pearl I just shared with you? By us giving out of our need and being faithful over what God has given each of us to do, that God will cause us to rule over anything that may come against us? That is a real true revelation.

Are you beginning to see more clearly as to what being faithful over a few things mean?

There is a work out there when going to a public place you need to realize that people are watching as to how you are coping and acting towards just everyday people shopping in a store. Are you doing as Jesus would do?

I can’t image the Lord walking in a store and treating anyone badly or rude. What I visualize Him doing is, greeting each person He comes in contact with. So now how about you how are you showing forth His love out there in the world?

What if you reacted badly towards a person that is having some real bad issues and here you are suppose to be the light in the world to all around you and your treating that poor soul badly? Do you know how God is looking at you at your mean or hateful ways? Talk about getting into trouble with the Lord that is a sure way to get in to reaping what you are sewing.

Oh, but the people want to be walking about with great authority and filled with the power of God and wanting to be ruler over many things. This is not going to happen not until the people of God realize that God made it clear to be faithful over  a few things, meaning being a caring loving child of God manifesting the spirit of the Lord each and every day in all conditions, family , friends, people in all walks of life .

I have found it to be a real blessing to write this message what a delight it is to know and to understand that all God is expecting out of any of us is to be faithful over all the few things.

 In God there is no little or few things to Him it’s all important and if it is important to the Lord, then it is important to me and should be to all His people.


God bless

Sonja Arnold

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