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If you find your self in the midst of a stressful situation and turmoil what does a person do?

When everything around you begins to pile up and you are feeling buried down under, due to what life is dishing out to you, what does a person do?

Your body is weighed down, you feel burned out, and your nerves are at the braking point. What does a person do to find relief?

Many have turned to means trying to find help and all it does is cloud the symptoms and does not get down to the root of the problem, does not help to obtained healthiness, body, mind, and soul.

More and more people are taking some type of medication that numbs the nerve system that is yet another cover up.

Everyday there is more (junk) that can be to pile on a person, such as pressures at work, a dysfunctional family, financial lack, and the list goes on and on.

Some handle problems different ways and some how are able to go about their daily chores. But still are at the point of an over load, a point of blowing under daily pressures.

When the pressure in on and the problems become greater and it becomes more than a person can bear?

They blow up and many become hateful, angry, or ranting and raving in order to try and find some type of relief. This only brings about more problems.

So here are a few ideas that I have found in the Bible to work, and it has been around and at each and everyone’s disposal all of this time.

So what are some of these remedies that is at each and everyone’s disposal?

God has given each of us a build in mechanism that when activated can bring about released.

Why do you suppose David danced before the Lord with all of his might?

David dancing before the Lord with all of his might, he found relief while dancing and praising God, David turned to God for his help in times of trouble. (Something for you to think about)

What does it mean in the Bible laughter doth good like a medicine?

It has been proven that when a person is laughing that something in the brain is released to cope with stress. (The joy of the Lord is strength)

Why does the Bible tell us when rumors or people are casting your name out as evil why do you suppose it is written for us to leap for joy?

By leaping for joy (Praising God, shaking off what is bothering you) even exercising, moving around, this taking your mind off of the cares of life can and will get your mind back on the right tract.

What happen with Jacob when he wrestled with the angle all night before he obtained his blessing?

He was determined to receive his blessing, help, and hope. He did not give up, he turned to the Lord for his answer, (Held onto promises.)

Why do you suppose the Lord told us to pray and seek the Him for help and for answers?

When you pray from your heart (get serious before the Lord) the process starts to take place of casting your cares onto the Lord. Then as you are praying, the cares of life are no longer yours; you are turning them over to the Lord. He has all your answers.

The need to rant and rave, to be angry, is then lifted off, for the more you pray the more you turn it over to God in order for Him to work. Now your mind is onto something far greater than a problem, stress, etc. but is on the healer, helper, and joy filling God that has been just waiting on you to turn to Him.

This is why the Lord told us to seek Him, to pray. Pray releases stress, relieves pressure, most of all allowing the power of God to work for you.

Let’s face it, people need the Lord and all of our answers have been in the Bible all along. Aren’t you glad you know this now?


Sonja 1/28/09

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