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Sonja Arnold


I been thinking on Noah and his great assignment as well as the conditions him and his family experience while in the Ark after the rains started and they entered inside the Ark. The door was closed from all outside and nothing could get inside.

The people that had rejected God, no matter how much they yelled and hammered on the door there was no way they were allowed inside. The Ark was for Noah and his family; it was for their safety and was to be a home for a time.

Just think of all that must have been going on in their minds, here it was doing something that they had never experience and not only was it raining of which it had never done before it was pouring in such a vast amount that it was going to flood the whole Earth and drown everything on Earth. It had to be a real trip for them.

 As the rains pounded down on the Ark, the waters begin to rise the Ark began to float. I am sure at times it had to be rough sailing as the force the waters beat up against the Ark.

Something that came to mind was Noah had to follow instructions from God when it came to preparing this great vessel. Had he not followed it down to the letter the Ark would have not been safe. God had given Noah word for word as to how to build the Ark.

There were no windows to where they could see all the devastation that had to be accruing as the waters covered the Earth. Now that would have been a sight to see. Had they been able to see all that was taking place, that surely would have been the greatest testing of their faith but God knew He was going to have to protect them from the environment and the horrible things that was taking place outside.

 Now God did have Noah make a window on the very top of the Ark that was really all they needed to see. They need not be disturbed by anymore than they had already known that was taking place just outside the walls of safety.

Some may ask how God could do such a thing as to flood the Earth, as the waters destroyed everything in its path. You must know that each and every person had a choice as to serve God or go their on way. This is why it is so important to accept God. People made their minds up to not accept God. (You and I may never know all the reasons that this was done.)

Something else that came to mind was after entering inside, Noah had been given instructions what he was to do after the flooding took place. God did not leave him guessing as to what to do next. And as we know Noah followed the instructions God had given him.

In this case it was imperative for Noah to be able to follow orders. It was to be a life or death situation, had he not been obedient to God’s instructions. Sure was no time to play,” the guessing game.”

Noah had to get it right, it was no time to do a little dance and shack, rattle or roll. No acting as if he was powered up, Noah had to be still and listen very carefully as God gave the orders.

We have not touched on the subject on how God had given Noah the wisdom to cause the wild animals to obey him and he had to lead each one inside the Ark, else Noah might have been eaten by some of those wild animals. You might even go so far as to say even the animals had to obey God’s orders and they did so according to what took place.

There was no room for mistakes on this assignment, for there was no back up plan with this great task. All that was on board were totally depending on Noah to hear God and God protecting them. They all had to trust the Ark for their safety to take them through this wild ride they were now on and trust in God.

 The Ark had to be strong and well built to with stand such a beating with the magnitude of waters and debris to say nothing about the enormous weight that the Ark was carrying. Just think of all the cargo there must have been on board this great vessel. Just the food alone had to be in large amounts, plus the weight of each living thing aboard.

Now as you have read this message and got the understanding, what I will call,” fill in the blanks” you can relate this whole message with your own life. Each step taken and as you read through this message was teaching you how important it is to follow instructions, that it is not a “hit and miss”. It is a matter of fact to be still and listen to instructions.

So what about you and what about your assignment? Have you considered how vital it is to be still and to listen to the voice of the Lord and to follow orders as to each step that is to be taken?

You might be thinking, well my assignment is not as important as the one Noah had and how can I even compare my life to his assignment? Nothing that God has for any of us is small, each and everything that God for us to do and to follow through is as important to God as was Noah’s.

How so you might ask? Think of it this away. Let’s say all you feel that you are to do is light a small candle and to make sure that the flame stays on. Not a lot you may say. But what if that tiny light you have been given was to lead a lost, wondering, hurt soul to safety, a place of shelter? Would you still think your assignment was not so important?

If all you were ever given to do was to write a song, or sing a song and that song was never heard by the multitude. Yet, each word and note was anointed just to reach one soul and cause that soul to find God’s direction in their life, possibly even save ones life by giving them hope. Would you still think your assignment was small or not as important?

Let’s take prayer, so maybe no one even knows just how much you pray and how at times you feel as if your heart is going to break, as the tears roll down your face. Yet, you never really see the results of your time spent in prayer. Oh, but God heard your prayer and He answered them each one in His time, in His way.

Truth is we never really know just who may be watching our lives or reaching out for help or an answer. We never know who it may be in our presence it could very well be a leaded God is raising up to do a great work for the Lord.

So whatever it is that the Lord has given for one to do, think of it as if you are building an Ark for the safety of others as well as your self and how important it is to their welfare as well as the work of the Lord.

It is important to listen to the instructions given and to be still and wait long enough to know what your next assignment is to be. You might not be given an actual Ark to build but you can very well be an ark for a drowning soul.

As the word says if you are faithful over a few things He will make you ruler over many. So each step you take for the work of the Lord is vital and just as needed in order for the Lord to do a great work.

One person told me one time that if all God ever called a person to do was to reach one person and that person became saved from hell and working for the Lord then it is very important to obey the will of the Lord.

Let’s compare Noah’s assignment to possibly your assignment and what all was accomplished by Noah. First of all Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and was given an assignment to build an Ark and he did so but the total results of Noah’s work was this, he and his entire family was saved as well as all the animals and such. But Noah did not have a World wide ministry at that time, which was to come late; else you and I would not be here. We would not have this dry land to be walking on; it would be sinking or swim. What he did achieve was, for you and I to have this work here on earth to be doing as I said he and his family found refuge in the Ark that Noah build.

So now let us compare the work the Lord has for you to do and to follow His instructions. How important is your family or loved ones to you? Is it important enough to go to the extended length in order for your family to be saved? Most importantly to know you and God loves them? I think we know the answer is yes!

We are not to look on the possibly hopelessness of a member of the family or loved one and how it may appear that they will never be straighten up, but let’s look at it this away. All you are to do is have favor in the eyes of the Lord and you and your entire family shall be saved. Stop looking at the conditions, just do what you are told to do and God will have a place of safety for your loved ones. Wow! Now that is a wonderful assignment.

So Lord, let us to focus on the work you have given each of us to achieve, let us know how very important it is for us to have faith in your ability to reach each person in your own way and not in the ways of some old religious order, Lord your ways are so much higher that ours. And let us not try to save the World when our assignment might very well be just building (becoming) an Ark for the safety of our household. Amen  

I pray this message will open your eyes as to how important your assignment is and how there are those that are depending on you to fulfill what God has called you to do. Know that it may very well mean life or death.

Get your mind off the World and start focusing on what God has given to you to do, remember if it is a song to sing then sing it, if it is a song to write then write it, if it is a prayer to pray then pray it, with all your heart.

Man what an assignment from our loving Father. Just think about it, how so many are out here trying to save the World and when in fact leaving those poor lost loved ones behind.  So many complaining about the mess back home (Sad part is, the church is saying yes, and amen to the fact all is a mess.  The fact is the real mess is thinking so negatively). I did not read where Noah was complaining about the stink  or the mess he was dealing with or the few he was given to help save.

Think about what Jesus said when He was talking to the religious people, He was not talking to the so-called sinners, He was speaking to those that had prophesied and cast out devils in His name , YET, He said depart from me I never knew you. Why did He do that? They had no clue what Jesus really was all about and that was to follow through with His message of who- so- ever will let him come to Him. Love the people, is what He is all about. Wow!

The women that had been caught in the act of adultery in the Bible, just who did Jesus addressed or (dress down?) It was those that were full of self and had an old religious self righteous spirit. Jesus talked to them right where they were at. Then He spoke to the woman giving her, a word of life.

So many people are building a so-called Ark of safety for the World, when in fact God has given the assignment to become an Ark of safety for loved ones and family. You can very well make or break a person’s life by not doing or by doing what the Lord has assigned you to do. Become an Ark of refuge for them. What a great call from God!

I pray people will see just how truly sad it is when so many has just given up on a loved one. I pray we will truly know the only way to reach someone is to love them and stop as the Lord said the other day, “don’t criticize or judge, just love”. Wow!

You got your assignment now, for God sakes have some faith and go get started on the work of the Lord!!!!!

Sonja 5/9/13

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