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In reading the stories in the Old Testament you will find that most of time it was always when the children of God were in to trouble, slavery, sin, bondage, famine, etc. etc.

Mankind are very proud beings, many do not want to admit that they are in need of help, no not until it will take a miracle in order to work things out. Not until it will take God to move in their behalf.

It takes us getting out of the way, to step back and let God. All that is needed in the first place is just get out of the way.

Have you found that when things are going fairly well many stop seeking the Lord, stop praying and almost forget about Him?

Mankind has followed the same prototype from the beginning of time.

I do believe most feel as if they can make it on their own and they have no need of help have the idea they can get by all on their own.

This works for a short time and God allows people to go about as far as they can and it is not until realizing they are in deep trouble then is when people will start crying out to God.

Being out of the will of God is a horrible place to find yourself and if you think

things are bad at first it has only just started the real rough times are just a head. How do I know this you ask? I have found myself out of Gods will and found it to be one of the most forsaken places one could be. It was not until things were just completely out of control and I felt my life was at stake that I cried out to the Lord in total desperation that He delivered me. So yes, I do know what the spirit of pride can get you in and yes, I do know what a know it all attitude will end you up at.

If you think I sound hard if you think I sound bitter you have not seen anything yet. If you do not get you're head on straight and stop following the works of your flesh. The worst is yet to come.

I just wish I had of listened to those that were trying to teach me the ways of the world and where it will take you but no, I had to go the pathway that I had chosen. But thanks to God, the passage of scripture in Psalms 34: 6, This poor man cried and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles. Was my verse that I stood on while going through the valley. He truly does hear us when we cry out to Him He really does care when we fall and are in need of help.

Let us not wait until the possibilities of never coming out of the pit, let us learn the ways of the Lord before we have to go through such things in order for us to say yes Lord, I will obey your spirit.

This is why I may appear to harp on this matter for I know what we as humans beings are allowing to work in us. If I can use the things that I have had to go through, if I can spear anyone from having to go though such a hellish place there I am willing to share this information with those that may be ready to fall out of the will of God.

If we as children of God could ever get to the place that we depend upon the Lord for everything and if we would seek the perfect will of God for our lives we would not be going through near the things that we have been.

This is going to take willing to wait on the Lord to become mature in God. Children of God are in need of being taught. Teaching is something many feel they have no need of having, I know it all attitudes. Many want to run off and make a big splash, be known world wide, have their name spoken by thousands as if they are someone special.

This just is not going to happen, not until the teacher says they have passed their test, and of course the teacher is the spirit of the Lord.

We can't fool the Lord, may fool people for a time but sooner or later the front is going to come tumbling down.

This is sad but true how so many times we have made a mess of things that the Lord could have very well be in, but having the spirit of pride and refusing to wait on the Lord go through training in order to be prepared.

Sonja 7/8/07

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