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What’s Does God Expect out Of His People?

Where Is God?


I started out with two titles due to the fact they must both be a part of this message.

Starting with the first one, what does God expect out of His people? If you read the bible, it is explained very clearly, we as His people are to be manifesting His spirit to others. This is not just about a person being saved and finding a comfort zone all for one self. There is more to it than just all about self.

God expects us to be busy working for the Kingdom and by doing so; we are to be spreading the good news of the salvation Christ has given unto all that will except Him,

Many have thought getting saved was just all about them and nothing more. Such as pray for me, prophesy, help me, and show me. This is why so many are having so many issues in their life.

People have somehow skimmed over why God has filled them with His spirit.

Here is the issue, if all the people of God ever do is become so needy and always seem to be down and out, having one problem after another and allowing others to know of only problems and battles then why in the world can we convince others that this is what they are needing ?

What needs to be seen out of His people is manifesting His power, His love, and His spirit. In order for the people of God to be able to witness of a loving and powerful God, What is needed the most is for each of us to get a solid foundation, an assurance as well as being filled with God’s spirit and His joy.

In order for others to desire what the people are sharing or manifesting, it’s going to take a strong power filled person to share how the power of God can and will be something they too need and desire to have.

How can the church share deliverance when they are so in need of it their self?

People of God are expected to learn of His ways and be able to walk, the walk and talk, the talk. In others words get a real experience of God their self.

It is not saying people truly have needs, I am well aware that we as humans have problems , health issues, financial problems, etc. but it’s how the children of God go about talking about  it, instead of what God can and will do, if we only believe and hold tight onto His promises.

When the people of God gather in to worship the Lord, which is just what they are to be doing. When others come in with a need to know God or to receive from God this is what they are going to need the children of God to rejoice and manifest the glory of God. There really is a time to have the discernment of what is going on darning a worship service. We are to have the atmosphere that the glory of God is there to minister and to fill the people with hope and His spirit.

In other words just what are people hearing coming out of our mouth? Do they hear praises? Or are they hearing about more problems than anyone would desire to have. If we as the people of God get a real experience of God we will bypass any issues  forgetting about our self and are gathered together just to lift up the Lord and to worship Him, filling the house with His glory and His joy by worshiping Him. Then that is creating the right atmosphere that others will so desire. Praise the Lord!

The word says, study to show thyself approved meaning getting the knowledge that God is more than able and all things are possible with God

The power of the Lord is something that works in their life first and them be able to live the life so others can hear and see the real true manifestation of the power of God.

We are talking about becoming mature in the Lord and having gone through processing, training, teachings and being prepared to work for the Lord.


So then just where is God? Do we look up into the heavens and seek Him there? Just what does the bible have to say, where the Kingdom of God is?

I hear people say where is God? And most of the time they are going through something hard and can’t seem to reach God or feel God. So now here we go right back to the people of God concerning this question. We are the temple of the Lord; His spirit is dwelling inside of us. When people are truly seeking God what is a child of God suppose to be able to tell them, show them and or help them? That is the big question, isn’t it?

This is why we as God’s people are going to have to have God’s wisdom, His anointing, His power manifesting in and flowing out of us in order to do so, it is very vital to be filled with His spirit. We are to allow the spirit of God working though us. How one can be doing so, if they are pretty much in the same boat, so to speak. How can we help if we are so in need of help our self?

God is living in His people so we are to show forth God’s spirit and by doing so; we have got to have the goods, the knowing so, and power of God working in our lives.

This is why it is so important for each of us to learn of God and to become established solid in Him, having gone through the processing to become a strong power filled child of God in order to manifest His wonderful power and His love.

Seeking the gifts of the Lord in order to hear God and to know what to do, having discernment of the spirit, this is why God so desires to teach His people how to and what to do and most importantly what not to do. God wants His people to be prepared to girt up with the knowledge of His power. So that when the storms do hit and you’re out there on the battle field you will not faint. Praise God! This is great!

I share this is encourage and to open our understanding as to what God expects of us as well as where God is. Having the understanding is a blessing that God is revealing in this message.


Here is your jewel, people of God; if you get a made up mind, I come to gather in to be a blessing and to worship the Lord. I refuse to focus or to think on anything other than God. You will be surprise just how blessed you are yourself and shall get your blessing by being one. Praise the Lord!!!!


Blessings, Sonja

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