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One hundred years ago in 1906-1910 there was a great and mighty move of God in California at a warehouse called the Azusa Street Revivals.

The spirit of the Lord chose a man named William Seymour a humble servant of the Lord with a heart centered towards God’s will.

William Seymour prophesied there would be another mighty move of God in the future, a one hundred years to be exact. (That would be sometime in or about possibly 2010).

During the time of Azusa Street Revivals there were many miracles that took place and the glory of God would fill that humble warehouse building when the people would gather inside.

It has been recorded of the happenings and many stories have been told of the mighty move of God.

I have already wrote a few articles of a mighty move of God and some on the movement on Azusa Street but this is something I ran across today that I had read but somehow forgotten about until now, so I felt to share this with my readers.

As many of you are aware of, there is something going on in the spirit world that cannot be explained, it is a stirring deep within the soul of many believers. A feeling of expectation and excitement that something is about to take place yet not really knowing just what it is.

After reading about the prophesy that was given during those great meeting by Brother Seymour, it has become very clear what is on the threshold for the coming days ahead.

God is getting ready to fulfill the promise He gave to the world, that another great and mighty move of His spirit is about to take place.

I myself have been feeling a stirring of the Holy Ghost deep within my soul and feeling so hungry for the spirit of the Lord, my soul longs to be in His presence and my heart is leaping for joy with expectation of the up and coming days ahead.

I am not along with the excitement that is in the air, for many of the children of God are feeling the same thing, for the spirit knows and all you and I have to do is get in the flow of the spirit of God and flow together as a body like they did in those days 100 years ago.

Something I think that has been learned about those meetings as wonderful as they were, there were those that were jealous and envious of what was taking place in that humble setting with those dear saints that God had chosen to do His service.

We need to realize that not all will be pleased or happy to hear of the movement that is going to take place and the children of God need to have the wisdom of God and to know those that labor among us.

 Not all that say Lord, Lord, will be happy with the will of the Lord in mind for there will be those that will desire to hinder the moving of the spirit of God. As sadly as it may seem, there has always been those that can’t stand the moving of the spirit of the God.

We do understand that this next great move of God is going to happen and the people of God need to get ready for one of the most beautiful flowing of the spirit of God we have ever experienced.

We have been waiting for God to move, the people of God have been praying for His spirit to fill the house one more time and we are going to experience His wonderful presence and see the wonderful miracles that are going to take place.

So now we know why the stirring of our souls and the longing, for the Lord has been preparing our hearts and getting us ready for His mighty move to take place.


Sonja 1/22/2010

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