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Why the wait?


Isaiah 40: 31

                But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

So you say, you got a word from the Lord or you have read in the written word, promises that have been given to the children of God, so now what? Why is it that you have to wait? After all you’ve accept the promises and you deem yourself to be ready, to gear up and get the ball to rolling. Why the wait? Just what is going on?

I think at times the hardest thing about having to wait is wondering why things have not yet started to work. You are hoping that it is not going to take to long. Dragging out something is very hard for people and the reason why; you do not realize just what it is that the Lord appears to be waiting on after all you are ready. But the question here is, are you really ready?

So just what is going on when you feel something should have already taken place? Why some seem to get an answer right away, while others have to have it drawn out to no seemly, no end? Or that you have been praying for an answer that it does not happen right off the bat? Answer to the above is, conditioning and readiness.

This has been something that has caused many people to become discouraged and some have even walked away thinking that it is never going to happen, so why wait.

My questions, why not wait and just what else do you have to be doing?

When you are put into a place of waiting why is it that the first thing that some want to do is jump and go to running off trying to chase down the blessing of God? The fact is the blessings have been waiting on people to receive and in this passage of scripture there is a work that needs to be done prior to your receiving.

So now let’s go back to the scripture at the beginning of this message and let’s break it down and see what the processes of waiting on the Lord are.

 I know we have all heard that possibly a work is being done on the other end and that God is having to work on someone that may be a part of your blessing, that God has to prepare and just is not ready to perform your miracle or blessing.

The scripture starts out by saying “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew, (definition of renewal is restore, mend, make good) their strength”.( Definition of strength, is power, force, might, strong point) So here it is now talking about strength and by it saying, shall, means will be able to, it has not as of yet happened. So now you know you have to wait on strength. You thought you were ready but this is making it very clear, you are not in shape and that you are in need of a renewing of strength.

Let’s face it, if you have no strength you are not prepared to do. So then you have to face yourself and having to become strong. Why do you need to be strong?

 Well, when David was facing a bear and a lion he had to have the strength of the Lord. David had to have a strong anointing to destroy both the bear and the lion. He did not go after the beast unprepared. David had to have strength through the anointing of God.

David had to wait upon the Lord, although he had been anointed to become king yet, he was still out tending sheep and learning just what all the anointing of God could do in his life. He had to go through training and it was hands on training. Was not by someone telling him, he had to go through the hard training himself.

 Many times he was alone and all he had was the sheep, and singing praises to the Lord. But let us not over look the fact that most importantly David had God and David had a promise, still he had to go through the waiting process. One might even go so far as to say to wait, simply means going through processing, readiness, and conditioning. Wow!

To be strong may be many different facets depending on the person and what the need for strength may be.

Some examples; a need of confidence; some need doubt to be removed. You cannot go to battle with a bear or a lion and you sure can’t lead people with lack and have no confidence in the power within. You can’t stand before a doubting group of people or person when you are battling doubt within yourself.

That is just a few areas of where one is in need of renewed strength.

They shall mount up with wings as eagles; here we are seeing the word shall again, meaning going to be or has not yet happened or taken place. So how is it that a person is going to have to be able to mount up with wings as eagles? Do you know what it means to mount up? It means to, get bigger, increase, and build up, multiply.

            If I were to write on just the definition of mount up, I would be writing pages but I think this has pretty well explained what it means to be able to mount up. There truly is a preparing and conditioning to have the strength to mount up and to actuality fly. To be soaring high above the earthly environment high above the ways of the carnal man, reaching into the heavenly places that God has for His people that many have not even heard of or if they have, they have not an understanding as to what it truly means to be lifted up into the heavenly.

In order to fly in the natural such as a plane fight, there is a limit as to how much you are allowed to take with you and the reason is, if the plane is weighed down with cargo or excess weight then the plane cannot get off the ground and some things are going to have to be cast aside. So it is, with our lives we are going to have to get rid of anything that may weigh down any type of excess baggage.

One of the biggest weights are unable to forgive and holding onto bitterness. By not forgiving, how can one represent the great I am? God is all about forgiving .So many people are trying to soar like an eagle and are weighted down with the cares of life, doubt, and are unprepared for take off. 

They shall run and not grow weary, definition of weary is,  fatigued, drained, wore out, exhausted this also makes me think of the passage of scripture that says, “You did run well who did hinder you” how can one run well if the whole system is clod up with resentment, bitterness, not prepared, exhorted from trying and unable to forgive. Forgive anything that you may feel you were wronged in.

In order to be able to run well, one must be in good shape; the body must be able to withstand a long haul. Most importantly one must be running towards the right destination.

I have seen how the spiritual system can be so clod up like arteries may get, hindering the blood flow. There is a need of cleansing the whole system.  

You shall walk and not faint. (Keep on stepping and not pass out due to a lack within). Fainting means a shut down of the system and it is clear that somehow there is a lack; this whole thing is about being prepared and in condition to reach your destination.

 Now that you know why the wait, you can enjoy the processing that is taking place within, knowing that it is for your own good that the Lord is having you wait. There is much going on during the wait and as long as you know what is taking place you have an assurance in your soul. Knowing what God is doing shall make you strong and filled with power knowing that with God nothing is impossible.

There should be a thankfulness going on, to know God is getting you ready to be able to take on what He has in store for you.

Let’s get this clear, if God is having you wait on something that is to take place. The main problems are being over anxious and want things to happen right now. But the fact is if God is having you wait this can only mean He is preparing you and you are not in shape or ready to fly, run, and walk No, not until the Lord has you ready.

I pray this has helped you and has given you an insight as to what it means to have to wait and the reason why.

God bless, Sonja


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