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Upon reading about some of the greater moves of God I have found one thing to be obvious.

Those called to do a work for the Lord had to be totally committed to Him there was no room or time to be distracted with the things of the world.

Years of preparation comes when much is required for the work of the Lord, being willing to give ones whole life towards the work of God.

Most that were used in an enormous way of the spirit of God had no life of their own, had lost self identify and had taken on the identity of the Lord.

Trying to live two lifestyles could not get it when it came to launching out into the deep with God there is not time or place to be preoccupied with matters of a so-called normal lifestyle.

Reading about the disciples you will find the requirements to become a disciple, they had to leave everything behind nothing they might be attached to could they be permitted to take with them in order to do what the Lord Jesus Christ was calling them into.

The forerunners had to walk away from everything, jobs, homes, and families, whatever. Upon the Lord calling them they were to drop everything and follow the Lord.

One could not just have a desire or dream of becoming a great follower or one to lead people into a greater walk in the spirit of God. They had to be chosen of God for such demands on their life.

A total commitment to the will of God much preparation, hard times, rejections, trials, a must to be humble and the greatest of all was to love the Lord with all the heart and all of the soul.

There is no where in the Bible that I have read or any books on the great leaders that were called of God that God was to take second place with anyone or anything, God had to be first.

It truly has to come to the point that it is all about the Lord and not about self so many can only think of self and talk of self to the point they have forgotten they would not even be here were it not for the Lord in the first place.

When one is trying to do things on their own and are not lead of the spirit of the Lord, all you hear about is about their self and how much they go through or how much they know how much God they have and on and on they ramble on , self, me , or mine.

But the true chosen ones, you will hear very little if anything about self and all they can speak of is the glory of God and how wonderful it is to serve the Lord.

We here living in this day have had some misguided teachings of anything goes and God will use you. Such teachings such as do your own thing and you will become great in God. Name whatever you desire and claim it and you will have it, is yet another false teaching.

Such false teachings have done nothing but destroy many of good people that started out with good intentions and had a desire to love the Lord. How truly sad this is.

I feel that the message of getting back to ones first love for the Lord is a much needed teaching in order to help God's people.

Far to man times one may very well have a greater destiny in the work in their life but by false teaching that one can just go running out there and it will all fall into place full of self has redirected many of precious ones fate. This doing nothing but slowing down the progress of the Lords works in their life if not worse causing an end to it all.

I know that such a message as this may not be very popular with some but then I am not in this to become popular. God has called me to sound out the truth as He has taught me and to be honest with you, His people.

My prayers are that you know what you are being taught is the truth and not coming from some person that is telling people non truth that will only lead to destruction of ones life.

The word says to know those that labor among you and I can't stress enough to you to know God's will for your life. After all it is very important to the Lord you be taught the truth. You shall know the truth and it shall set you free.

Sonja 10/7/07

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