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A Christmas Story

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Nestled back in the foothills of Arkansas, at the bottom of one of the tallest hills in our part of the country was a log cabin, where my family and I lived long ago.

The smoke was rolling from the stovepipe, off onto the snow dusted roof. Snow was not a sight that was seen much in Arkansas, but this year we had a light snow.

Christmas was a time of year that my family loved and they tried to make it the happiest of times.

Mom and Dad would gather around the old piano and as Mom played a Christmas carol the singing would begin.

My folks had a God given talent, Mom could play the piano and sing and my Dad could sing as well. I was designated to sing lead while they harmonized with me.

The tree was decorated with the old fashion types lights that if one went out they all went out, but for a while it was a sight to see. The tinsel was loaded onto the tree and the smell of the freshly cut tree filled the house.

It was a happy time of the year, not because of gifts but a time that the family seemed too changed their way of thinking. Everyone was singing and planning a good time for the Holidays.

My parents became as children when Christmas rolled around and there was always whispering and things being stuffed in the closet our reach, (so they thought).

This year was going to be different, I heard Mom and Dad say, and “Due to the lack of finances there would not be enough to buy gifts for us children. My brothers and I were going to have to settle for much less this year”.

I remember telling my Mother that it did not matter to us kids if we received gifts, for it was not about receiving toys and such. But I could tell it was a matter that she did not want to discuss with me.

The tree was cut and placed in the living room window and the lights were turned on, as a symbol to shine out for the World to see that we were celebrating the birth of Christ.

Not that anyone ever passed by our house much for we lived so far out in the country; very few people ever came down our road.

But as my Mom taught us it was for Jesus, that we believed in Him and we were letting the World know we did.

Christmas Eve day, Mom and Dad loaded up in the old black car and were off to town while me and my older brothers stayed home .I heard her say, “I know the Lord is going to make away somehow for the kids this year”.

It was getting late in the evening, and I was watching for the car lights to shine down the rocky road, waiting on the arrival of my parents to make it home.

 It was now Christmas Eve and it would not be Christmas Eve without them home.

 The lights from the car could be seen for a long ways off, bouncing off the snow dusted trees and sure enough it was Mom and Dad coming home.

They came in side empty handed with a smile of their faces, I could tell they had been up to something, but not a word was spoken.

After sitting around the warm fire and enjoying the Christmas tree, listening to the stories my Dad loved to tell, my eyelids became heavy and it was time to go to bed.

After going to bed, I heard the front door being opened and heard Mom and Dad rattling around and whispering to each other. Wrapping paper was being rustled and I heard her say,” I wish we could have done more for the kids”.

Falling asleep with warm feelings in my heart for my parents and wishing they would not be so unhappy over presents.

Soon it was morning and time to get up. The fire had gone out in the old wood burning stove and it was cold, but I had a warm feeling in my heart.

Stumbling into the living room I glanced over  by the Christmas tree and there were three big boxes loaded down with toys, candy, and oranges, the boxes were so full things were falling out onto the floor.

 Too me it appeared they had gotten one of everything, for my two brothers and me. Under the tree were placed some wrapped presents also with our names on them.

 Through the eyes of a child, this was the greatest Christmas one could ask for. We had everything in those boxes, enough toys to keep us busy for hours playing with each toy.

My Mom told us kids that she was sorry; she could not buy us all new toys that they had gone to some “organization” and told their story. The people loaded them down with everything they could find.

I thought of how important it was to my parents to see to it we had gifts. Yet we already had the greatest of gift.

I count this a blessing to share this story and memories of a Christmas many years ago. A time designated to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray the true gift of giving will fill your hearts, giving and receiving love.  


Written by Sonja



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