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Feed The Flock

Be Prepared, Not Scared ( follow up on food shortage)

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Be prepared , not scared is a message on survival for God's children and this message is a follow up on some of the things that you may need to know that can be a help to you and your family in times of crises.

So one of the first topics is going to be on those that are on what is called a fixed income to do.
First of all those of you that feel you can't afford to purchase a lot. We are not talking about purchasing a lot at one time just a few items while you are shopping.

Such things a jar of peanut butter, peanut butter has protein that is needed. An extra package of pastas, pastas keep good and with a little seasoning can be a good meal.

Dried beans are yet another food that keeps well and with a bit of seasonings can be a very good meal as well.

Canned meats are something you can pick up a can or two of such things as potted meat, it may not be your choice foods to disgust but in hard times could be a welcome food. Spam meat has become one canned meats that many are buying right now in the stores.

You are going to need such things as canned milk, and can be used for many things in cooking and the plus is canned milk does not cost a lot.

You need to store in sealed container flour so you can bake such as breads, pies, biscuits, etc. These are just a few ideas I have shared with you and have many more that I feel I will be writing on in the very near future.

I feel what many have the habit of buying prepared foods or frozen foods that are very expensive. So you need to really start watching how you have been shopping and start a new plan of action.

Your shopping habits over the course of time is buying very expensive shampoos, soaps, hair care products ,etc, the list goes on and on but you can purchased a no name brand that you will be surprise how much you can save by doing so. Money that will help you buy extra food to store back.

If you start with a small amount of things that you can do start by watching very closely what you are buying on certain foods, ask yourself if this is really needed, if not then do not buy it, grab up a couple of cans of canned food , such as fruits or vegetables.

You need to stop buying the high dollar cut of meats and buy a cheaper cut. You really do not need to go out and spend twenty or thirty dollars of a piece of meat, that is a total waste and can only be one meal, so if you feel you want a cut of meat buy the lesser cuts , it has the same flavor and will save you some money.

Fresh vegetables are very high right now so you are going to need to cut down on buy such things as perishables.

You can buy a can of greens; this has the same nutrition and can be tasty by putting some seasoning on them.

Such things as dried potatoes a package of scalloped potatoes last a very long time on the shelf and are not very high as far as price.

You need to think about buying you some seeds that you can plant in pot if you do not have the room to plant a garden you will be surprise of what all you can really do if you set your mind to it. You may want to pick you up some canning jars and lids to seal food that you grow or buy food from those that have a garden and can that food for a later date.

I can go on and on here but I feel I am going to have to get to a subject that will maybe help you to get a few extra dollars to store you back some extra food.

Now I want you to know that we all have things around our house that could into a dollar in your hand. Remember a dollar in the hand is worth more that a set of dishes or anything around the house that you never use anyway and if it comes to you going hungry, I have to ask this question, which would you rather have when you are hungry, nothing in your house to eat, or a beautiful set of dishes? I know what the answer is and it should be food and supplies.

So before times get so bad that people are no longer going to be buying much you really do need to think about what you have that you can sell and get rid of, I am not talking about you getting rid of everything but I am sure you have things that can turn a dollar for your good.

Most people have a house full of stuff they will never use, so why in the world keep all that stuff anyway? Hey, you could become a help to those that have nothing you can become a little Joseph in your own community and be a help to the elderly and the sick.

So look around you and see what you can sell or look around you and see if there are those that you can be a help too.

You may need to even think about going in with a friend and have a rummage sale and get rid of all that stuff that you are never going to use. You could make it a fun project and have a good time and at the same time make you some extra money to buy extras that you may need in the future.

The church needs to really get on this and start doing things that will help those that are of a very low income and become a store house as they did in the early church; the early church had all things common.

How did the early church survive? Many sold what they had and brought all they had and the Apostles were in charge of the foods and the lodging for each member of the early church.

This is something that the church should have been doing all along they are to be a "store house". Many have this misconception that the church house is a place to make a few wealthy and this was not what God wants at all he wants his church to be a "store house" meaning have provision for those in need and not just a song and a dance . Many people have turned God's house into an entertainment center and not a house of refuge.

We must know that the Lord told us to feed the hungry and he was not just talking about getting hyped up with a song and a dance. He was talking about the natural body and the church needs to get a program to take some of that money that is in the bank and get the house of God back to what God intended it to be in the first place and that is a place of meeting the needs of the body of Christ in every way.

This is a time we can truly see the hand of God direct us, to have his wisdom and seek his face, ask what can I do Lord that will be a help, not only for self and family, but what can I do to help others reach out my hands to those that need this understanding and become a valuable tool into teaching the people how to survive in a time of crises.

God bless each of you, Sonja 6/ 2008

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