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Upon reading in the book of Genesis 6th chapter and what took place due to the fact that the people became so full of evil and refused to serve God.

I am amazed that this Earth is still going on as if everything is normal and all is well. When it fact less was being done in the days of Noah, and the Lord was repented that he had created man due to mans evil ways and the Lord saw that the Earth was corrupt and was filled with
violence .

The story goes on to tell us that the Lord was to destroy all that was upon the Earth due to the violence but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and he and his family was speared from destruction.

In the New Testament it tells us that in the last day's men shall be lovers of flesh more than lovers of God and it also gives this generation a warning of the things to come.

This generation is full of violence, for every day we hear or read of some act of horrible violence and it is getting worse.

We no longer are permitted to pray in our schools and yet look at what has taken place within our schools today, one never knows when they send their children to a class room what may take place it has gotten so bad that our school systems are having to be run like a prison once the doors are locked no one can get in or out, with out permission yet we still say it has nothing to do with the fact that we are no longer permitted to speak of God or allowed to pray. Bibles have been removed out of the class rooms.

So what is this telling our children of today that it is ok to reject God to do as you please?

It should also be telling them that without God they have no protection and by the fact that God is no longer respected in this land that it has opened the gates of hell to be released upon our land today.

How lame can we the people be? To think that history does not repeat it's self. For surely the time is at hand that God will manifest himself and this world will cry out to God for help we are not to be treated any differently than those in the days of Noah if we continue to reject God.

How is it that we being the strong nation that we are to allow one person voice to be heard above all others what kind of people are we that we have allowed God to be taken out of almost everything and now I have heard that they are trying to tell the church what they can and cannot preach on within the church walls. Just what is this world coming to? How evil can people believe they can live without any consequence of their sinful ways.

So let's see, here we are to send our kids out into this evil world without the protection of God and allow them to be taught the theory of evolution but are not allowed to be taught the creation.

Does it appear to you that people are going out of the way to voice self made opinion that they do not believe in God? Sure looks like it to me actually it appears unbelievers want to be destroyed what else does it look like, to go out of their way by denying God?

It appears that people would rather be destroyed than to admit there is a God and rather burn in hell that to serve him.

I have for years prayed for our country and for years have believed that there was hope for this country yet the more I hear, the more I read the less I am seeing that this people wants any kind of help and that so very many just want to go to hell.

This is the message that many appear to be sending out to the world that they just do not care.

So the question is what is going on and how come things have not ended before now?

Now that we have that all out of the way lets see if there is a solution to theses problems that is going on in the land for today. What is it that we the believers are to be doing while such calamities are going in the world?

Well be of good cheer my dear friends, God has the answer for you and I right in his word it has been so very clear, but many have had their eyes taken off of the Lord's promises and have fallen into the trap of the enemy by looking, as lots wife did she turned and looked back and you and I are not to be watching or observing what the enemy is doing but you my dear friends are to rise up into the high place that God is calling his chosen ones to come up too.

There is no need to fear for if we will read what Paul; said in Romans 8:38 says this, I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things presents, nor things to come. 39 Nor height, nor death, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Now if you read that and then for but a moment read the first part of this message you will be able to see where we are falling short in believing what the Lord has given you and I as believers today there is nothing, no not a thing can hinder the children of God.

So the big question is this what has been going on here and why are we cowing down to anything that the world may come up with? Why it is the church not rising up into its place with God?

The answer is in the very first part of this passage of scripture where Paul said," I AM PERSUADED".
This was something that he did not start with the knowledge of; it was something Paul had to learn, and we need to learn as well.

People in the church are looking at all that is going on about them and are talking of all the bad that is taking place and are not persuaded that nothing can separated them from the spirit of God.

Many have coward down and have given up simply by the truth not being told of who we are in Christ Jesus; we have the power that nothing can separate us. So now that we know the problem what are we going to do about this that have been going on?

We have got to read the verses in the same chapter that is at the beginning at the 30th verse; more over whom he did predestinate, them he also called them he also justified, and whom he justified them he also glorified.

Actually you really need to read the whole chapter it has so many things in it that tells us who we are in Christ and it also tells us what we have been doing wrong by accepting defeat by not knowing who we are in him as well as not being persuades to believe.

Why is it so many have not believed who they are? Children of God do not know due to the fact no one has been teaching the children of God what he has given them power over. Nor are they being told to rise up above the things of this world and take charge. Start by taking back what the enemy has taken. Know the greatness the power that has been given to a believer of God.

Time to rise up and stop all this talk about how bad things are and how the enemy has taken over; when in fact the problem is lying with us for by us not believing the power of God and what he has given to us, we are allowing the enemy to have a field day with the children of God.

The Bible is full of promise for the children of God and the things can be down if only a few would believe, actually it says if you believe.

Now ask yourself just what have you believed, what you have given into? So many have cowed down and are teaching on some glad day when we all get to heaven it will all be over after a while. What kind of cowards have the children of God become? When in fact here on this earth we have been given promises that we are more than conquers through Christ Jesus.

If we were honest we have to admit this message pretty much settles where the problem is. It is not the world, but it is the fact we the children of God have got to rise up into that place of power and authority in order to see no more defeat but experience the victory take place that God has promised each of his children. That answer we need to know is nothing can separate us from God. And if God be for us then who can be against us?

Sonja 10/17/2007

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